MEQ (English)


Each of the following sections contains links to MEES documents on the teaching of mathematics in Québec 

February is Cultural Activities Month at School. This is a special time for holding original activities to spark students’ interest in cultural projects carried out in one of the various subjects taught at school.

Educational resources, which are structured around annual themes and include tools, activity suggestions and student videos, are available to schools year-round.

The Basic school regulation for preschool, elementary and secondary education defines the educational services offered to students. It establishes the compulsory subjects and mandatory teaching conditions for all Québec schools.

The Education Act is the provincial law governing the Québec public education system.

 Directives inform school boards and private schools of decisions made by the Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports pursuant to the Basic school regulation for preschool, elementary and secondary education and the Education Act.

The Policy on the Evaluation of Learning outlines orientations and guidelines in order to provide teachers as well as the education community in general with a shared understanding of the reasons for updating evaluation practices.

Evaluations must be based on the Framework for the Evaluation of Student Learning (elementary or secondary). The Framework provides guidelines for evaluating the learning specific to each subject in the Québec Education Program and for determining student results for the provincial report card.

Each year, MEES selects a certain number of subjects for which it will set examinations. Evaluation in other subjects is the responsibility of the schools. A variety of information documents on examinations (some of which are in French only) are available for consultation.

The Bureau d’approbation du matériel didactique (BAMD), a branch of the Direction des ressources didactiques (DRD), has been responsible since 1980 for evaluating and approving instructional materials based on criteria approved by MEES and developed as per the orientations and content of programs of study set by MEES. The BAMD also publishes and updates the list of approved instructional materials.

New Approaches, New Solutions in Mathematics is designed as a framework for reflection on the best teaching practices to assist all students, especially those from disadvantaged areas, in developing mathematics competencies.

 Les pratiques efficaces dans l’enseignement de la mathématique en milieu défavorisé (French only): This is a literature review produced by the Département d’administration et fondements de l’éducation at the Université de Montréal in January 2012 as part of the work on New Approaches, New Solutions in Mathematics

Each program of study is accompanied by a document on the progression of learning that provides further information on the knowledge students are expected to acquire and be able to use in each year of secondary school. The progression of learning document is a tool to help teaching staff plan their teaching and their students’ learning.


The Québec Education Program is a tool used on a daily basis by all teachers in performing their duties. It is also an essential guide for school administrators, all school staff and governing boards.